Day 13, the happiest I’ve been

I’m the happiest I’ve been in half a year.  For a number of reasons.  The advice/counseling I got from the Naturopath on Monday has really helped.  It is a mental game, and as long as I stay tough mentally and take care of my body, I am doing much better.

It helps that they also reduced my dose after the break I took because my liver function was too elevated it.  They dropped it from 20 MIU/m2 to 13.3 MIU/m2.  I learned about what the whole MIU/m2 thing is too.  They give me my dose based on the surface area of my body(!)   So, for every square meter of surface area, I am now getting 13.3 Million Units of the Interferon drug.  I am getting 28MIU, so I guess I have a surface area of 2.10 m2.  I guess they calculate that from my BMI.

And then when I got home from my physical therapy & yoga my former roommate and best friend P was sitting on the deck chatting with my mom! He came as a surprise visit.  It was awesome.  I was on a high.  He took me to get my infusion.

Then we went on a hike on the Marquam trail.  It was at dusk.  Beautiful.  And it was for 45 minutes, and we were walking really fast.  I sweated a lot.  I think it was the most exercise I have had since February.  So we got to the top of council crest, and waited for one of my parents to come pick us up.

As we were sitting there waiting for a car that should have been there sooner than it was arriving to figures in profile come walking directly towards us.  One of them is walking very intently, and the profile looks really familiar.  And I realize it is my dearest friend x from LA, and then i realize the other person is my best friend from LA KM.  And i was so shocked, and amazed, and confused, and elated.  I turned to P and asked him something like “what they hell is going on?” and he said “oh, I was just the decoy” and I threw him to the ground with a yell of happy betrayal.  And then I tackled x to the ground in a hug, rolling around in the grass.  And then got up and tackled KM to the ground and rolled around.  And then got up and was so happy.

My brother comes tomorrow night.  And my dear friend LK is coming up from Santa Cruz in a totally separate plan.  I thought it was going to be a good weekend because I was going to have one friend in.  Now I have 4 plus my brother!  Amazing!

i am the happiest I have been in half a year.

note: this is the first post I have tagged “happy.”  Its a new tag.

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