Verdict: Ice Vest Rules!

The ice vest totally worked.  I feel better than I have felt since I returned to NYC, even though I had a full day.

I wore it for 3 hrs running errands in the morning and in in to the studio.  Refroze the ice packs (though I don’t think they fully froze b/c they were stacked on top of each other…). Then I wore it to meet BH for lemonade, ride the subway to chinatown, get a massage, and then eat dinner.  After about 4 hours, all the umph was gone from the packs, so I took it off for the last ride home.

Frankly, I think everyone who gets overheated should be wearing one of these during the summer here.


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I am 30 year old Brooklynite who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma in February 2008. I started this blog after the first day of high dose Interferon chemotherapy in June 2008.

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